Monday, March 30, 2009

Find your market

Work on your business while on vacation.

I see so many people going on vacation only to not leave their own country. If you are one of those, next time make sure you go to a foreign country. You are missing a great opportunity of interacting with a different culture and finding great business opportunities, an import business.

Travelling is a great way to find new products to sell it back in your home country.
Many product make success in other countries before getting to your.

Globalization isn't perfect yet, so it still takes a while before a foreign product gets to where you live. You can be the guy that brings that product home.

When in a foreign country check out supermarkets, local stores, local ads, talk to people, see what other people are buying. Find what's hot!

It doesn't have to be a really big thing, it just gotta be different from what you have back home and people must find it useful or cool.

Now, once you find it, you need to get in contact with the people who make it. This is where you research, read the labels, do a google search, talk to the manager of the establishment you found it, do whatever it takes.

Next offer them a distribution deal in your home country and go for an exclusive dealership. The terms vary greatly from deal to deal, so use your best judgement, and aim slightly higher.

Back home, you can sell them yourself to the general public or you can setup a B2B channel where others will sell you product for you.

One way of getting into the B2B market is getting a hold of one or two big retail companies, however it is very hard to get the attention of a big company, not to mention you gotta have a very solid deal with your supplier or else you run the risk of the big company stealing the product from you.

If you can get an exclusive deal with your dealer, you got your life easier. Now you gotta present to your clients why this product will work on your market.

Negotiating with a big company deserves a post all by itself, however always remember to make a good presentation, show them the advantages of working with you instead of doing it themselves (most big retail chains do importing themselves).
Also keep in mind that most big retail chains avoid making deals with very small companies, but if the deal is good enough they will go for it.

Just keep in mind, that the harder it is, the better it feels once you get it done.

~Bruno A. R. Faria

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